Signal Apprentice Training Program:
Six-week training program that prepares individuals for a career in signaling. Our apprentice program is recognized as an academically sound training course by one of the industry's leading labor organizations.
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Crossing Warning Systems Training:
One-week training course that concentrates on crossing warning fundamentals; from gate mechanics to constant warning theory.
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Advanced Crossing Warning Systems Training:
One-week training course that concentrates on application guidelines and advanced setup procedures for crossing locations. This program also introduces software elements of processor-based control equipment.
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GCP 4000 Training Course:
Two-day course examines the GCP 4000 Crossing Controller. Signal personnel will setup and calibrate the GCP 4000. Students will also practice retrieving diagnostics and troubleshooting the GCP 4000 system.
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Microprocessor-Based Interlocking Controllers & Electro Code Training:
One-week course that studies the application and operation of programmable controllers used at interlockings. This course also includes a thorough study of the Electro Code Track Circuit Systems.
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Hot Bearing Detector Systems Training:
Three-day course that examines all aspects of HBD System maintenance and troubleshooting. Course includes typical HBD adjuncts such as Dragging Equipment and Car Clearance Detectors.
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Custom Training Programs:
STS can tailor training to customer's specific needs. Contact our school for details.
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FRA Inspections & Tests Training Program:
Weeklong program that reviews all FRA Rules and Regulations, as they pertain to Interlockings.
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Online Training Programs:
STS offers refresher courses on a variety of signal equipment and systems.
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Signal Engineer Training:
STS offers a multi-phase (SET) program specifically designed for the new railway Signal Engineer.
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Positive Train Control Course:
Three-day training and qualification program that imparts the essential skills and knowledge necessary for compliance with the new PTC regulations.
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Hands-On Training

The best way to grasp the craft of Signaling is to "learn by doing" therefore, all STS programs ensure ample hands-on practice with the actual equipment and systems in use today.

Real World Application

Students learn best when they address real problems or questions. At STS, we encourage students to utilize course content to solve problems or answer questions that pertain to their work.